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Where to start with VisiWave?

If you are just starting out with VisiWave Site Survey, the best place to look for help is to view one of our online tutorials. Each lasts just a few minutes, but they show you the most important features of the product.

You probably want to start with the "Collecting Survey Data" tutorial. It goes over loading a survey map, setting the scale, collecting survey data using two common methods, and exporting graph data to Google Earth.

You will also want to look through our Quick Start Guide. This short guide goes over collecting survey data and creating reports.

You can also always read the manual. It is installed as part of the product (even with the eval version). Just go to the Start menu, click on All Programs and then on VisiWave Site Survey. You'll see a link labeled User's Guide. This brings up the guide in your PDF viewer.

VisiWave also has a lot of help built into the application. Just press F1 or select help from the Help menu. Most every feature, button, and field in the program is explained in the built-in help system.

Of course, you can always email us for help as well. We do our best to give you thorough and timely answers to all support emails.