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We now have a new, easy-to-remember website address: For now it just points to the same site as, but we hope to make its own destination in the future.

Until then, use either website name whenever you need to get to any of the resources available on our site.

Version 3.0.10 Released

A maintenance release of VisiWave (v3.0.10) is now available for download. If you already own v3.0 of VisiWave, just download the eval version and install it over-top of your current version. Your existing license will continue to work. If you would like to evaluate VisiWave, just download the eval version and try it out.

New features in v3.0.10:

  • Show AP Markers with Labels Option

    Setting "Show AP Markers" to "Yes, with labels" was not
    working when a MAC address wasn't selected for the Marker.
    In Report View, it would label each AP Marker with the
    same value.
    (Fixed in v3.0.10)

  • Right Clicking on AP Markers

    Previously, you could only right click on the edge of an
    AP Marker to bring up its Properties or Delete menu. Now
    you can right click on any part of the AP Marker to bring
    up the menu.
    (Fixed in v3.0.10)

  • Ampersands Now Supported in PDF Reports

    Ampersands ("&") were appearing as "&" in SSIDs, AP
    names, and in surveyor notes in PDF reports. Now they
    appear as regular ampersand characters.
    (Fixed in v3.0.10)

  • Releasing a License

    Now the first two times you request to release a license,
    the request is automatically and immediately granted.
    You no longer have to wait for the transfer to be
    approved. However, on the third and subsequent transfers,
    the release still needs to be approved. Once approved,
    you will receive an email. It may take 1 to 2 business
    days for approval to be granted.
    (Added in v3.0.10)

  • New Sample Survey File and Report

    This release includes a new sample survey file that
    includes a sample report. The new sample can be loaded
    from the My Site Surveys folder under My Documents. Look
    for the Samples folder and then load
    (Added in v3.0.10)