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VisiWave v4.0.8 Released

A maintenance release of VisiWave (v4.0.8 ) is now available for download. If you already own v4.0 of VisiWave, just download the eval version and install it over-top of your current version. Your existing license will continue to work. If you would like to evaluate VisiWave, just download the eval version and try it out.

New features in v4.0.8:

  • License Registration Improvement

    Some recent changes to Windows--in particular the release
    of Windows 10--has caused a few users to lose their
    VisiWave license. This improvement has made it less
    likely to lose your license. It is recommended to upgrade
    to this release BEFORE upgrading to Windows 10.

    After upgrading VisiWave, the first time you run it, you
    will be asked to re-register your license to take
    advantage of this improvement. You will need an active
    internet connection for this one-time procedure.

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