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Version 3.0 Beta Released

A new release of VisiWave Site Survey is now available.

Try out the new beta version of VisiWave 3.0. If you already have a license to version 2.1, you can install this beta version over-top of your current version and continue to use it fully licensed. Otherwise, you can still try out the product by installing the eval version.

Those that purchase a license to VisiWave or upgrade to v2.1 at any time during 2011 can upgrade to version 3.0 for free. So buy your license now and upgrade for free when the product is released.

New features in v3.0 Beta:

  • Survey Reports Now Integrated Within the Main Application

    You now perform data collection and reporting within the
    same application. The entire reporting interface was
    redesigned to be easier to use and to provide more
    effective views of your wireless network.

  • Report Files (.VWR) are No Longer Created

    Your reports are now saved as part of your survey files
    (.VWS) as one integrated storage solution. You can
    migrate your existing report files using the "Migrate Old
    Report Files" menu option found under the Report menu.

  • Creating Reports on a Second Computer

    You can still work with reports on a computer different
    from the one you use to perform a survey. Just install
    VisiWave on the computer that already has version 2.1's
    reporting tool registered. If version 3.0 sees a
    valid report code, but not a valid survey code, then
    you can still use the reporting features on that
    computer. You just can't collect survey data on that
    computer. This is indicated by all three of the
    Capture Modes always being grayed out.

  • Application Menu Items have been Restructured

    To accommodate combining both data collection and
    reporting into one program, some menu items have moved to
    new locations.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Many new keyboard shortcuts were added. See the key
    assignments listed next to the menu items.

Features Not Ready for Beta:

  • PDF Reports

    With this beta version of VisiWave, you can only generate
    HTML reports. PDF report generation is de-activated for

  • Report Templates

    Pressing the Templates button in the beta version has no
    effect. Templates will allow you to create standard
    reports that can be loaded into new surveys so you can
    re-use the report templates you've previously created.

  • Default Legend

    The "Set As Legend Default" menu item found when right-
    clicking on the legend at the bottom of a heatmap graph
    is not yet implemented.

  • Documentation

    The Users Guide provided with this version has not been
    updated from version 2.1. Also, the built-in help isn't
    provided for reporting.

  • Other Features

    The behavior of any feature found in the beta may be
    modified (or even removed) in the final release.

  • Provide Feedback

    This beta version is fairly stable, but you may still
    encounter issues. Please provide feedback by emailing with issues or comments. The more
    detail you provide, the more likely we will be able to
    assist you.


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