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VisiWave Site Survey v7.0.1 Released

A maintenance release of VisiWave (v7.0.1 ) is now available for download. If you already own v7.0 of VisiWave, just download the eval version and install it over-top of your current version. Your existing license will continue to work. If you would like to evaluate VisiWave, just download the eval version and try it out.

New features in v7.0.1:

  • Added Signal Strength Labels to Heatmaps and Coverage Maps

    Instead of just having a dot where a data point is collected,
    the signal strength collected at that point can be displayed
    in reports. To do this, select the Overlay Data Points
    report property and set it to "Wi-Fi Data with Signal

  • Adjust Size of Report Icons and Labels

    The size of icons and labels included on report pages can be
    increased or decreased using the Marker Size option found
    under File->Options. You can choose a size from tiny to

  • Options Delay Removed

    Bringing up the Options window (File->Options) could take
    many seconds on some computers. This delay was removed.

  • Half Power Beamwidth Antenna Patterns Improved

    In Predict View, an access point set to use a half power
    beamwidth antenna pattern wasn't showing a modified pattern.

Original new features found in v7.0