VisiWave Site Survey v7.0

A new, major release of VisiWave Site Survey is available right now to assist you in building and maintaining your wireless networks. VisiWave has always been a powerful, yet simple, WiFi site survey tool. Now it's even more powerful, but still straightforward to use.

Wi-Fi 6E (6GHz) Support

VisiWave now supports Wi-Fi 6E. This includes capturing and analyzing the new 6GHz channels. A Wi-Fi 6E capable wireless adapter is needed as well as Windows 11 (since earlier versions of Windows do not support Wi-Fi 6E). As long as you select your Wi-Fi 6E adapter for data collection, the 6GHz channels will also be scanned and included in your survey.

Wi-Fi 6E with 6GHz Support

Optimal Radio Placement (Pro only)

VisiWave Pro now has the ability to suggest where you should place access points when you are doing predictive surveys. You specify an area's barriers (walls) and tell VisiWave how many APs you think you need in that survey area and it then determines its best estimate of where you should install APs. You can also highlight "priority areas" in the survey area. For example, an area of desks or tables where many people often need Wi-Fi could be marked as a priority area. VisiWave then runs its algorithm putting priority on coverage in the priority areas.

To find out how to use Optimal Radio Placement, you can watch the available video demo.

Here is an example of the results of VisiWave determining the best location for access points. This survey area has Priority Areas (in green) where the desks are mainly located. The number of APs requested was 5 using the Wi-Fi 6GHz band. The orange AP icons show the suggested locations based on the priority areas and how radio signals propagate through the walls.

Optimal AP Placements (Orange AP Icons)

Below is the resulting coverage heatmap produced using the suggest AP locations. Note that the priority areas have strong coverage and areas that weren't a priority (the center area and outside the building walls) have medium or poor coverage.

Resulting AP Coverage Heatmap

Crop Survey Area

Instead of having VisiWave use the entire floor plan image area, you can limit the area where coverage is calculated. By using the Crop Area feature, VisiWave will concentrate the heatmap analysis to only the area that you select. This can make more detailed heatmaps since you can easily cutout extra space around floor plan images or focus VisiWave to only look at a subset of the overall survey area. This works when collecting survey data, in report heatmaps, and for predictive surveys.

Cropping the Heatmap Area in Survey View

Multi-Select Operations in Predict View (Pro only)

Predict View now supports selecting more than one barrier or radio. You can then perform an operation on all of the selected objects at once. For example, you can move a set of walls, change the walls' material, or delete them. Use the Shift key and drag your mouse to highlight many items at once. Or use the Control key to add items to your current selection.

Improved Simulation Speeds for Predictive Surveys (Pro only)

Simulations done in Predict View are now much faster by taking more advantage of multi-core processors.

Copy Heatmap Image to Clipboard

You can now quickly and easily copy the current heatmap image to the clipboard so you can paste it into an external application.

VisiWave v7.0

Download Free Evaluation

If you aren't currently using VisiWave, it's time to take a second look. The full-featured evaluation version is a simple download and install. Download the evaluation version now.

Upgrade to Version 7.0

If you already own VisiWave, upgrade to the latest version. It's a low-cost upgrade and more than worth it.

About VisiWave

VisiWave has been on the market for over 20 years, is used by over a dozen Fortune 100 companies, and has customers in over 80 countries and almost every US State.

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