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VisiWave Site Survey v5.0.10 Released

A maintenance release of VisiWave (v5.0.10 ) is now available for download. If you already own v5.0 of VisiWave, just download the eval version and install it over-top of your current version. Your existing license will continue to work. If you would like to evaluate VisiWave, just download the eval version and try it out.

New features in v5.0.10:

  • Set Scale Wasn't Working with Decimal Numbers

    v5.0.9 introduced a change that caused Set Scale to not work
    if the scale contained a decimal point. This release fixed
    that issue.

New features in v5.0.9:

  • Running Simulations Failed if Windows Username Contained
    non-ASCII Characters

    If your Windows user account name contained non-US ASCII
    characters, you would get an error saying "The simulation
    could not be run." This has been fixed.

  • Check for Supported 3D Graphics Drivers for Predict View

    If your computer doesn't have a supported 3D graphics
    system, then you will get an error message and Predict
    View will be disabled.

  • AP Name Master File Characters Not Case Insensitive

    If the MAC addresses entered into the AP Name Master File
    had uppercase characters, then when VisiWave went to update
    the list, it wouldn't recognize the addresses with uppercase
    characters so it would re-add the edits to the end.

  • Updates to AP Name Master File are Immediately Seen in VisiWave

    If the AP Name Master File is updated outside of VisiWave (or
    by another running instance of VisiWave), the new names are
    immediately shown in VisiWave's AP List.

  • Unable to Create Report Templates

    v5.0.8 introduced an issue that prevented Report Templates
    from being created.

  • Dates and Times Not Formatted According to Local Region

    Dates and times displayed by VisiWave are now formatted
    according to the computer's language and region.

  • In PDF Report, Text from Long Descriptions Located Below
    a Graph Might Have Duplicate Text

    If you have a Description on a report page that is located
    below the graph and carries over to a second page, text from
    the description might be repeated and placed on extra pages.

New features in v5.0.8:

  • Predictive Surveys

    VisiWave Site Survey Pro now supports predictive surveys as
    well as traditional surveys. A predictive survey is when you
    describe the barriers (walls and other solid objects) in the
    survey area and the location and characteristics of one or
    more access points and then run a theoretical simulation of
    how radio waves would propagate through the survey area.
    It is a way of estimating wireless coverage without having to
    collect survey measurements in the real world. This is
    useful for dealing with buildings that haven't been built yet
    or for doing what-if analysis for existing areas that can't be
    easily modified.

  • Difference Heatmap Legend Issue

    There was an issue where the legend of a difference heatmap
    would only allow you to see the positive values. Now the full
    range of positive and negative numbers can be seen.

New features in v5.0.5:

  • Issue with PDF Floor Plan Image File Names

    If the name of a PDF file with non-ASCII characters was used
    as a floor plan image, loading that image might have failed.
    Now any characters can be used in the file name.

  • Issue with Duplicate AP Names Appearing in AP List

    When capturing survey data, the same APs could appear many
    times in the AP List. This might happen if a virtual AP
    continuously changes an AP's SSID in between scans. Now the
    AP List is updated to show the most recent SSID for the AP.

  • Issue Using Left/Right Arrow Keys to Move from Point to Point

    Fixed an issue where VisiWave could randomly crash when
    selecting a data point in Survey View and then pressing the
    left or right arrow key to move to the previous or next data

New features in v5.0.4:

  • Support for Large Floor Plan Image Files

    If an image file is too large for the amount of memory your
    computer has, VisiWave now automatically reduces the size of
    the image so it will work. Typically images that are 4000
    pixels on a side or less work fine. Larger images might get
    automatically resized to around this width or height. You can
    see the final image size by selecting Set Scale.

  • Wrong AP#'s Listed in AP List in PDF Reports

    If you generated a PDF report, the numbers listed for each AP#
    was off by one on AP List report pages.

  • MAC Addresses Given Wrong Name for Locally Administered Names

    If an access point generates a Locally Administered MAC
    address, VisiWave would sometimes give this AP the wrong
    manufacturer name. Now Locally Administered addresses
    start "local:".

New features in v5.0.3:

  • AP Marker Custom Names in Report View Were Incorrect

    If you set a custom name on an AP Marker, save the survey file
    then reload the survey file, the custom names won't be correct
    when viewed on any report pages.

  • Data Points Where Nothing Was Seen Were Not Contributing to

    If a data point that was collected but no access points where
    seen at that location then that point was just skipped when
    calculating a heatmap. Now that point contributes to the
    heatmap by saying there is no coverage there.

  • Changing the Survey Map Image Could Stretch Report Images

    If you changed the survey map image file on an already
    existing survey file, the width or height of a report image
    would be wrong if the aspect ratio of the new image didn't
    match the aspect ratio of the old image.

New features in v5.0.2:

  • Failed to Load v4.0 Survey Files With "AP#'s" in Caption

    Trying to load a survey file created with an earlier version
    of VisiWave would fail if the string "AP#" occurred in
    any caption or text description unless the string was
    followed by a number.

  • Issue When Generating Report With Legend Tab Outside Range

    There was an issue with generating a report when the legend
    for a heatmap had one of the tabs outside of the Min/Max
    range of the color legend.

  • Generating PDF Report Would Randomly Fail

    An uninitialized variable would cause generating a PDF report
    to randomly fail.

  • Changing the Survey Map Image Could Stretch Report Images

    If you changed the survey map image file on an already
    existing survey file, the width or height of a report image
    would be wrong if the aspect ratio of the new image didn't
    match the aspect ratio of the old image.

  • Loading v3.0 Survey Files Could Cause Data Points to be in the
    Wrong Location

    Survey files created using v3.0 or earlier of VisiWave did not
    contain the floor plan image file, but rather the filename of
    the image file. If that filename is no longer valid, then you
    are prompted to pick the right image file. Doing this in v5.0
    would cause the data points to not be located in the correct

New features in v5.0.1:

  • Can't Add Data Points After Loading an Empty v4.0 Survey File

    If you load a survey file created by v4.0 of VisiWave that
    didn't have any data points in it already, then adding a data
    point to it would give you the error message "Encountered an
    improper argument".

  • Issue Selecting Interference Tab After Stopping Continuous Capture

    If you switched to the Interference Details Tab after stopping
    a Continuous mode data capture it could cause a crash.

  • Issue Setting the Name Property On a New Survey

    On a new survey file, if you selected a floor plan image file
    and set the "Name" property on the Name tab, then VisiWave
    would show an error or crash.

  • AP Names Sent from the AP Controller Were Not Presenting Correctly

    The character conversion of AP Names sent by the AP controller
    where not using the correct conversion and could end up
    looking like Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters.

  • Issue Loading and Saving Report Templates

    Loading or saving Report Templates by pressing the Templates
    button in the Report View wasn't working correctly.

Original new features found in v5.0


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