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Version 2.1.9 Released

A new release of VisiWave Site Survey is now available.

Those that hold a license to versions before 2.1 can upgrade to version 2.1 for a small fee. See the bottom of the Purchase page on our website for details. To try out the new version, download the eval version and install it over-top of your current version. You can then either purchase upgrade codes or re-install your previous version.

New features in v2.1.9:

  • Out-of-Date GPS Locations

    In cases where the quality of the GPS signal was
    steadily decreasing, VisiWave might use a very out-of-
    date GPS position.
    (Fixed in v2.1.9)

  • Support for Intel 5300 Internal Wireless Adapter

    The Intel 5300 wireless adapter--and possibly some other
    adapters--can take up to 6.5 seconds to complete a scan.
    VisiWave now allows for these much longer scans to
    complete under Windows Vista and 7. It is not
    recommended to use this adapter under Windows XP.
    (Fixed in v2.1.9)

  • Report File Vulnerability

    Survey report files (.VWR) could be crafted in a way that
    could crash VisiWave Report and open the possibility of
    arbitrary code execution. Thanks go to StratSec
    ( for pointing out this issue.
    (Fixed in v2.1.9)

  • Support for Version 3.0 Survey Files

    This version allows you to read in survey files edited
    under version 3.0 of VisiWave.
    (Added in v2.1.9)


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