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VisiWave Site Survey v6.0.2 Released

A maintenance release of VisiWave (v6.0.2 ) is now available for download. If you already own v6.0 of VisiWave, just download the eval version and install it over-top of your current version. Your existing license will continue to work. If you would like to evaluate VisiWave, just download the eval version and try it out.

New features in v6.0.2:

  • Set GPS Location Issue

    If "Get Location from GPS Device" was selected from the "Set
    GPS Location" menu item before any data was collected, then
    the program would crash.

  • Channels Under Noise Can't Be Selected When First Adding
    Spectrum Data

    In Survey View in the right pane, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels
    under "Noise" can't be selected when you collect the first set
    of spectrum data points. The channels remained grayed out.
    You had to save the survey file and re-load it before you
    could access the noise channels.

  • Predictive Heatmap Issue with Large Survey Areas

    A large survey area (50m on a side or more) could have had
    issues producing accurate predictions when the radio was placed
    near the top of barriers. The simulation had a path over the
    barriers which was making the signal strengths too generous.

  • Channel Maps Weren't Handling Some In-Between Channel Numbers

    Some channels that were "wide" (40MHz, 80MHz, or 160MHz) couldn't
    be selected in a Channel map. Now VisiWave handles all common
    channel numbers regardless of channel width.

  • Rotate Horizontal Wasn't Working for Dipole Antennas

    For predictive surveys with radios set to have dipole antennas,
    the Rotate Horizontal setting wasn't affecting the heatmap
    pattern. It is now functioning correctly.

  • Predictive Heatmaps Had White or Gray Regions

    With a few combinations of Min and Max color legend settings,
    some regions of the colored heatmap would show up as white or
    gray when they should be a dark red (when using the default
    color scheme).

New features in v6.0.1:

  • Added Support for Channel Bonding in Predictive Surveys

    When doing a simulation, you can now set a radio's channel
    width in addition to just its frequency in the 5GHz band.
    You do this by right-clicking on a radio and selecting Edit
    Radio. This allows you to simulate the effects of channel
    bonding. For example, you can select channel 36 and say that
    it is a 40MHz channel to bond channels 36 and 40 together.

  • Issue Fixed with Exporting Simulation Data to CSV

    VisiWave was exporting only half the simulated signal values
    to the CSV file. Every other value in the X direction was
    skipped. Now all the values are exported.

  • Performance Improvements When Selecting Radios in Predictive Mode

    There were a few cases where updating the heatmap in Predictive
    mode took much longer than needed.

  • Allow Merging of Survey Files When Floor Plan Sizes are
    Slightly Different

    Due to some rounding issues, some survey files couldn't be
    merged even though they used the same floor plan image and

  • Half Power Beamwidth Antenna Types Are More Effective

    For Predictive Surveys, the effect of the horizontal and
    vertical rotations for half power beamwidth antennas wasn't
    strong enough. And the rotations didn't match the
    documentation. These issues have been fixed.

Original new features found in v6.0


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