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Version 3.0.3 Released

A maintenance release of VisiWave (v3.0.3) is now available for download. If you already own v3.0 of VisiWave, just download the eval version and install it over-top of your current version. Your existing license will continue to work. If you would like to evaluate VisiWave, just download the eval version and try it out.

New features in v3.0.3:

  • Show AP Markers with Labels Option

    Setting "Show AP Markers" to "Yes, with labels" was not
    working. It would label each AP Marker with the same
    value. This now works.
    (Fixed in v3.0.3)

  • Survey File Corruption

    Fixed an issue where the report portion of the survey file
    would become corrupt. This happened in some cases when
    you saved the survey file and then immediately changed a
    report item property (without clicking anywhere else
    (Fixed in v3.0.3)

  • Improved Results on Quiet Pre-Deployment Surveys

    The first dozen or so data points were sometimes skipped
    in very quiet survey areas such as pre-deployment
    surveys. This skipping of data is no longer necessary.
    (Fixed in v3.0.3)

  • Stretched Graphs When Origin Not on Survey Map

    If the map origin--position (0, 0)--is not located
    somewhere on the survey map, then contour graphs were
    stretched. Normally the origin is always located
    somewhere on the survey map so this isn't an issue. Now
    the origin can be located anywhere without issue.
    (Fixed in v3.0.3)

  • Crash in Google Earth Reports

    Fixed a crash when exporting a Google Earth report file
    that happens when two SSIDs are exactly the same except
    for the case of one or more characters.
    (Fixed in v3.0.3)


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