VisiWave Demos/Tutorials

Below are several demos or tutorials for using VisiWave products to analyze your wireless networks.

VisiWave Site Survey Tutorials

  1. VisiWave Site Survey Overview Video

    This short video quickly introduces you to the main features of VisiWave including creating a new survey, collecting survey data, and creating a report.

  2. VisiWave Site Survey Reporting Video

    This video goes into more details on how to create a report within VisiWave. It shows examples of different graphs, how to change the appearance of a graph, and how to create a PDF report.

  3. VisiWave Predictive Survey Video

    This video shows you the basics of creating a predictive site survey using VisiWave.

  4. VisiWave Optimal Radio Placement Video

    This video shows you how to use the Optimal Radio Placement feature of VisiWave Pro.

  5. VisiWave Site Survey + Chanalyzer Integration Video

    This video shows how VisiWave integrates with Chanalyzer. By utilizing both products, you can map where the interference occurs using VisiWave and replay the specifics of the interference within the powerful spectrum analyzer, Chanalyzer.

VisiWave Traffic Tutorials

  1. Many VisiWave Traffic Video Tutorials

    A large collections of short videos that show you how to use most features of VisiWave Traffic.

Tutorials for Older Versions of VisiWave Site Survey

  1. Demo 1: Collecting Survey Data(1.0MB)

    Get started using VisiWave to collect Wi-Fi survey data and then visualize the wireless coverage using Google Earth.

  2. Demo 2: Collecting Survey Data using GPS (0.4MB)

    Use VisiWave with a GPS device to collect Wi-Fi survey data and then visualize the wireless coverage using Google Earth.

  3. Demo 3a: Using Google Earth with VisiWave(8.1MB)

    Visualize your VisiWave site survey data in Google Earth. See how Google Earth is used to view the coverage graphs and data points.

  4. Demo 3b: Using Google Earth with VisiWave(Low Res, 4.4MB)

    Same as above but using smaller file if your network connection is slow.

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