VisiWave Site Survey Training

Acquire in-depth knowledge of all aspects of VisiWave Site Survey. This online video course consists of 2.5 hours of narrated videos split into 23 lessons. For access, place an order for VisiWave Training from our Purchase page.

Course Outline

A. Collecting Survey Data
        A.1 Create New Survey (6:57)
        A.2 Viewing Survey Data (7:24)
        A.3 Collecting Survey Data (5:12)
        A.4 Using GPS (5:25)
        A.5 Viewing Data Point Details (3:46)
        A.6 Wireless Adapters (6:17)
        A.7 Spectrum/Interference Data (7:19)
        A.8 AP Markers (5:47)
        A.9 Pre-Deployment Surveys (3:30)

B. Creating and Viewing Reports
        B.1 Report Pages (7:35)
        B.2 Report Properties + Title Page (7:04)
        B.3 Image Page + Survey Map Page + Confidence Radius (9:06)
        B.4 Heatmaps (6:45)
        B.5 Heatmap Legend (8:40)
        B.6 Interference and Difference Heatmaps (6:19)
        B.7 AP Coverage Graphs (4:58)
        B.8 Channel Maps (5:05)
        B.9 Data Rate Maps (3:50)
        B.10 Value Charts (4:50)
        B.11 Survey Overview Page + AP List Page (3:14)
        B.12 Report Generation (10:07)
        B.13 Google Earth Reports (8:14)
        B.14 Report Templates + Exporting Images (3:49)

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