VisiWave Site Survey Pro

VisiWave Site Survey Pro includes all the features of the regular version of VisiWave, while adding the ability to perform predictive site surveys.

A predictive survey is when you describe the barriers (walls and other solid objects) in the survey area and the location and characteristics of one or more access points and then run a theoretical simulation of how radio waves would propagate through the survey area. It is a way of estimating wireless coverage without having to collect survey measurements in the real world. This is useful for:

  • Doing a site survey when you can't be on site
  • Surveying buildings that haven't been built yet
  • Doing what-if analysis for existing areas that can't be easily modified

Performing a Predictive Survey

To perform a predictive site survey, you start by loading a floor plan image of the survey area. Then within VisiWave's 3D editor you "draw" the walls and other barriers found in the space. This can be done very quickly with just some clicks of the mouse. You also select the type of material each barrier is made of. Then you place one or more access points within the model of the survey area. All of this can be done either on location or remotely. The building can exist or just be in the planning stages.

Run the RF Simulation

Once the scene is fully defined, you have VisiWave run the simulation to predict what each radio's WiFi coverage will be. This is then shown to you as a heatmap that is overlaid on the floor of the survey area. You can then easily modify the building's barriers and re-run the simulation to see what affects the changes have on the WiFi coverage. This includes adding or removing barriers, changing their heights or locations, or changing their material.

Optimal Radio Placement

VisiWave Pro has the ability to suggest where you should place access points when you are doing predictive surveys. You specify an area's barriers (walls) and tell VisiWave how many APs you think you need in that survey area and it then determines its best estimate of where you should install APs. You can also highlight "priority areas" in the survey area. For example, an area of desks or tables where many people often need Wi-Fi could be marked as a priority area. VisiWave then runs its algorithm putting priority on coverage in the priority areas.

Explore VisiWave Site Survey Pro

See what VisiWave Site Survey Pro can do by watching a series of short video tutorials. Or download the evaluation version. One download gets you both VisiWave Site Survey and VisiWave Site Survey Pro. The difference between the two comes from the license code you are issued. A Pro license code enables full access to predictive surveys. A regular license allows you access to everything but predictive surveys. With the regular license, predictive surveys are only available for evaluation purposes.

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