VisiWave Traffic™

VisiWave Traffic is a new way to analyze wireless traffic. That is, analyze the packets that flow from one station to another. It is similar to a sniffer, but instead of viewing long lists of packets and trying to see how everything fits together, VisiWave Traffic visually shows you how things fit together and then lets you drill down to the details. You easily see how the wireless packets work together to create a network.

Visualize Your Wireless Traffic™

Giving order to your packets lets you see what is working well, what might not be working well, and explain real issues you're experiencing.

It can help you see issues where you didn't know you had issues. And it can help you decipher what exactly is going on when two wireless stations communicate. It lets you view your traffic like your watching TV on a DVR--forward, backwards, in slow motion, or paused.

Analyze Wi-Fi Traffic

VisiWave Traffic is focused on only dealing with traffic as it leaves one radio and arrives at its destination radio. The life of the packet before and after that isn't the focus. Because of this, VisiWave Traffic isn't necessarily a replacement for a packet analysis program such as OmniPeek or Wireshark. But instead it can be used to enhance them and give order to a packet's life over the air.

Explore VisiWave Traffic

See what VisiWave Traffic can do by watching a series of short video tutorials. Quickly learn how to use the basic features of the product by reading through the many tutorials. Each tutorial describes a different area of the product.

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